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Who am I

People often find it weird when I tell them I don’t listen to anything when driving in the car. From time to time, I’ll listen to music when I’m tired or mad to keep me attentive, but usually, it just me and my thoughts. While observing people from my generation and the generations that follow, we tend to fill up our time to avoid the question: Who am I? This is a question of identity, and not many people know who they are.

I believe what most of us are fearful of with this question, is we’re afraid of what we think of ourselves. We’re frequently measuring and comparing ourselves to others, which allows that to dictate our identity, value, and worth. We look to jobs, relationships, parenthood, beauty, athleticism, wealth, health, and other things to define us and give us worth. These things aren’t inherently bad, many are good things, but what happens if such things are taken from us, where’s our hope.

I’m a firm believer that everyone has intrinsic value and worth. You’ll see throughout the content on the site where my value and worth are rooted, and me answering the question Who am I. You may not agree with my worldview, and that’s cool. My hope, though, is that you can respect my convictions as a man and as an individual.

I have only one question after you read through the rest of the content:

Who are you?

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